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your 7-day climate challenge

It's getting hotter: we are experiencing more heat days & droughts, and at the same time more heat storms with heavy rain and floods. The Challenge is your chance to take action!

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The climate crisis is here

It's getting hotter: We are experiencing more heat days & droughts, at the same time more heat storms with heavy rain and floods. We have to be prepared for the fact that the sea level is rising and taking away our living space. We have to be prepared for the extinction or migration of animal and plant species. That fresh water will become scarce and people will look for a new home.

Become active!

This does not mean that we can put our feet up because the world is beyond saving anyway. On the contrary. Now it will be decided whether the effects remain moderate - i.e. we "only" have to put up with a 1.5 to 2° temperature increase - or whether we will struggle with the consequences of three or more degrees.

What does that mean in concrete terms? We have to save greenhouse gases, so-called CO2e. If we look at the areas in which we citizens in Germany release carbon dioxide, three areas in particular crystallise out: Housing (electricity, heating), mobility, food.

Protect the climate with the 7-Day Climate Challenge!

All beginnings are difficult. Sometimes so hard that we don't even know where to start. The 7-Day Climate Challenge is here to help you get started!

Simply register free of charge and receive a daily email with one task per day for one week. No more, but also no less. Doable for all, and with great effect at the same time!

The 7-Day Climate Challenge is your daily reminder to take action. It gives you concrete impulses on how you can contribute to protecting the environment - and ourselves! - ourselves! Are you ready?
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The 7-Day Climate Challenge

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