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Vegan chickpea curry

recipe: the fastest curry in the world

Vegan can be so simple: a quick curry with tomatoes and chickpeas often does the trick. It fills you up, is healthy and no dinner can be ready faster.

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Legumes - lentils and beans

Proteins in the vegan diet

It is THE classic question par excellence that - at least according to the cliché - all vegans are asked first: And where do you get your protein from? Studies show that the supply of protein is not a problem even with a purely plant-based diet. Nevertheless, there are of course a few things you should know: Then it is child's play to cover your needs.

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Little girl harvests carrots

vegan nutrition for children

People who live vegan themselves usually also want to feed their own children vegan food. And yes, that is possible. But how?

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Yeast plait at the table

Recipe: vegan yeast plait

Here in southern Germany, the yeast plait is regularly on the table, and not just at Easter. No wonder, because it is quick and easy to make, tastes delicious and looks good at the same time. This vegan version does without milk and egg and is at least as good as the original.

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Shopping trolley in the organic market

the first vegan shopping - 9 tips for the supermarket

The time has come: You want to buy only plant-based products (from) today? Great! But how and where do you start now? Isn't that really complicated? Not with these 9 tips for your first vegan shopping trip!

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The chickpea in conversation

"the chickpea" in conversation: tips for a vegan life

Anyone who lives vegan and lives in Stuttgart knows the Kichererbse: on only 34 square metres, the purely vegan shop offers everything you need for a plant-based diet. In part 2 of the interview, founders Nora Hoffrichter and Helga Fink talk about how the switch to a vegan diet can succeed, what is still missing in the Stuttgart scene and what it takes to become a vegan founder yourself.

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The chickpea in conversation

"the chickpea" in conversation - stuttgart's vegan retail trade

Anyone who lives vegan and lives in Stuttgart knows the Kichererbse: on only 34 square metres, the purely vegan shop offers everything you need for a plant-based diet - and a lot more besides. The two founders Nora Hoffrichter and Helga Fink make sure that nothing is missing, are happy to give advice and have many extras to make sure that everyone wants to come back: the delivery service helps out when you can't come by yourself, and the Advent calendar is a highlight of the year.

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Stack of oatmeal biscuits

recipe: sugar-free oatmeal biscuits

Okay, the word "oatmeal" might sound a bit crumbly - but these biscuits are not, I promise! They are sugar-free, but rich in protein and flavour! And they're quick to make too - so they're ideal for a quick I'd-love-something-sweet-for-coffee snack, or when you have visitors with a baby; because they're sugar-free, they're suitable for even the youngest children.

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Kidney fritters with potato salad

recipe: the world's best kidney fritters

These vegan kidney patties are my husband's favourite recipe. Not only do they taste delicious, they are also super simple and healthy - because the power ingredients oatmeal and kidney beans are in the fritters. This combination is ideal because it is full of proteins that the body can absorb and utilise well.

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Storage jars

5 vegan foods that everyone should have at home

Some groceries are taken with you every time you go shopping, you just always have them in stock. This way, you can cook something delicious on the spur of the moment or bake a cake on a Sunday when you get the urge for something sweet. Here are five vegan foods you should always have in your kitchen cupboards.

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Vegan Breakfast Oatmeal with Fruit

Simply vegan in 5 steps

Actually, you think veganism is a good thing, but the change seems complicated to you? Don't worry - it's not that difficult. Especially not with this 5-step guide. Let's go!

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Vegan Bowl with Fruit and Muffins

will veganism save the world?

Veganism is booming: a diet that wants to change the world - can there be any truth in it? What effects does a plant-based diet have on our climate, soil and water?

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