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Dye yarn

toxic colours - how sustainable are our clothes?

Blue jeans are inconceivable without blue, white is worn for weddings and the "little black dress" is considered a classic - it is impossible to imagine fashion without colours. The only problem is that countless chemicals are used to achieve the strong colours. Often to the detriment of people and the environment.

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Legumes - lentils and beans

Proteins in the vegan diet

It is THE classic question par excellence that - at least according to the cliché - all vegans are asked first: And where do you get your protein from? Studies show that the supply of protein is not a problem even with a purely plant-based diet. Nevertheless, there are of course a few things you should know: Then it is child's play to cover your needs.

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Little girl harvests carrots

vegan nutrition for children

People who live vegan themselves usually also want to feed their own children vegan food. And yes, that is possible. But how?

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Menstruation - three pads

menstrual cups, sanitary towels & co - sustainable feminine hygiene

Yes, the term "feminine hygiene" is unsexy to the max - but there should be more talk about tampons, pads, menstrual cups and the like. That's what we want to do here: It's about the question why the classic menstrual products are neither good for us women nor for the environment, and what uncomplicated and sustainable alternatives look like.

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Apples on the tree

why buy organic? 5 answers to the eco-label

Organic food is becoming more and more popular: sales have doubled in the last 10 years, reaching almost 12 billion euros in 2019. Most people buy organic primarily to support species-appropriate animal husbandry and to promote regional products. Health reasons also often play a role. Can organic farming actually keep these promises? Find out here what the seal stands for and why organic products are really better.

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Fish in plastic in the sea

(micro-)plastic and its consequences

If plastic were a living being, it would have already completely colonised our planet. Whether in the deepest ice of the Arctic, in the deep sea or in the human body: microplastic is everywhere. The versatile material packs almost all our consumer goods - and in most cases is even part of the product. But: How problematic is the flood of plastic?

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Storage jars

5 vegan foods that everyone should have at home

Some groceries are taken with you every time you go shopping, you just always have them in stock. This way, you can cook something delicious on the spur of the moment or bake a cake on a Sunday when you get the urge for something sweet. Here are five vegan foods you should always have in your kitchen cupboards.

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Vegan Bowl with Fruit and Muffins

will veganism save the world?

Veganism is booming: a diet that wants to change the world - can there be any truth in it? What effects does a plant-based diet have on our climate, soil and water?

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