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Consuming sustainably means: buying few and selectively, using them for a long time and disposing of them correctly. The first question is: Do I need it at all? And if so, where do I get it without harming the environment and my fellow human beings?

Dye yarn

toxic colours - how sustainable are our clothes?

Blue jeans are inconceivable without blue, white is worn for weddings and the "little black dress" is considered a classic - it is impossible to imagine fashion without colours. The only problem is that countless chemicals are used to achieve the strong colours. Often to the detriment of people and the environment.

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Cotton plant

how sustainable is cotton?

A large part of our clothing is made of cotton. On the one hand, it enjoys a good reputation as a natural product that can be processed well. On the other hand, the plant does not grow regionally and its cultivation is resource-intensive. How sustainable is cotton really?

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Bathroom - towels and basket with soaps

my sustainable bathroom

You have to start somewhere - and the bathroom is a good place to start. There is now a wide range of product alternatives that you can often find in the nearest drugstore. So no one has to limit themselves or do without in order to make their bathroom more sustainable. 

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Coffee maker with coffee cup

5 tips for sustainable coffee consumption

8 hours in the office without coffee? Hardly imaginable for many. The hot drink tastes good, wakes you up and is even said to have health benefits. However, if you don't want your own consumption to be at the expense of your fellow human beings and the environment, you should take the following five tips to heart.

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Coffee cup with coffee beans

Is coffee sustainable and fair?

From a rare pleasure drink to a staple food: for many people, it is impossible to imagine everyday life without good morning coffee. While our consumption is increasing every year, coffee farmers are earning less and less from it. Why is that?

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FSC letters

what does the FSC® seal mean?

The term "sustainability" comes directly from the forest - and even today, green forestry is incredibly important. Forests are CO2 reservoirs, habitats for countless animals and plants, and recreational spaces for people. At the same time, it is impossible to imagine our everyday life without raw materials from the forest. Whether furniture or paper - nothing works without wood. How can I, as a customer, support sustainable forestry? By looking for the right seal.

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Shopping net with vegetables and jars

what is sustainable consumption?

Stinginess is cool? Not for a long time. Today, sustainable consumption is the trend. It sounds great: shopping and saving the world at the same time! What exactly is sustainable consumption, is it time-consuming and how does it work in everyday life?

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Drinking water in a glass

virtual water: the invisible consumption

Do you pay attention to your water consumption? Most people try not to waste water unnecessarily. However, we often only think of the water that we can see directly - when cooking, showering or brushing our teeth. The concept of virtual water is more holistic.

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Plastic products - how to avoid?

Avoid plastic - The best tips!

Plastic is everywhere - in drinking water, food and even in our blood. A completely plastic-free life is therefore no longer possible. Nevertheless, we can reduce our consumption. That helps us and the environment in equal measure.

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Sewing machine - thread

living wage: who pays for my t-shirt?

Decent working conditions and a salary you can live well on - a human right, yes. A matter of course? No. Many people around the world work under the most difficult conditions and still receive a wage that is not enough to live on.

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GOTS seal

how good is gots?

It is one of the best-known seals for textile products: The green circle with the white shirt certifies more and more T-shirts, children's clothing and bed linen according to the GOTS standard. What exactly does it mean?

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Menstruation - three pads

menstrual cups, sanitary towels & co - sustainable feminine hygiene

Yes, the term "feminine hygiene" is unsexy to the max - but there should be more talk about tampons, pads, menstrual cups and the like. That's what we want to do here: It's about the question why the classic menstrual products are neither good for us women nor for the environment, and what uncomplicated and sustainable alternatives look like.

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