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Category: Household & Living

There are many things that we set up permanently in our lives: Where we get our electricity and which bank we trust with our money; which furniture we buy and which car we drive. Once set, we usually don't think about it any further. But it is precisely these things, which seem rather small, that have a big impact.

Here you will find all articles on the topic Household & Living:

Find a car sharing car

Saving CO2 with car sharing

If we want to limit the effects of the climate crisis, we have to save CO2. There is a lot of potential in the transport sector, which contributes around 18 percent to emissions. Within this sector, car traffic is the main contributor. One way to significantly reduce these emissions is to offer car-sharing services.

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Heating Heating thermostat

sustainable heating & saving CO2

One of the biggest energy guzzlers in Germany is heating: every fourth household heats with petroleum and therefore causes around 318 grams of CO2 per kilowatt hour. For a living space of 120 square metres, this results in about 4.7 tonnes of CO2 per year! Natural gas (used in about half of all existing buildings) is a little better off, but still has a massive impact of about 3.7 tonnes. How can we reduce our energy consumption?

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Bathroom - towels and basket with soaps

my sustainable bathroom

You have to start somewhere - and the bathroom is a good place to start. There is now a wide range of product alternatives that you can often find in the nearest drugstore. So no one has to limit themselves or do without in order to make their bathroom more sustainable. 

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Drinking water in a glass

virtual water: the invisible consumption

Do you pay attention to your water consumption? Most people try not to waste water unnecessarily. However, we often only think of the water that we can see directly - when cooking, showering or brushing our teeth. The concept of virtual water is more holistic.

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Coins and Plant - Sustainable Finance

sustainable banks: my green account

The money in your current account isn't sitting in a safe deposit box at the bank - it's being invested. But where? Does your bank support environmentally friendly projects or arms deals?

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Chestnut detergent before the washing machine

diy: natural washing with chestnuts

[It's chestnut time! The autumnal bounty is not only wonderful for collecting and crafting, but actually also for washing clothes. This is not only much cheaper (we only need a little oven heat for it), but also more environmentally friendly: while conventional detergent often pollutes the environment, chestnuts are easily biodegradable. But now in concrete terms: How does washing laundry work? My good friend Doro has written a wonderful guide on this and reports on her experiences in this guest post.

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Store food in the refrigerator

storing food correctly

On average, each of us throws away around 75 kg of food per year - more than a third of this is fruit and vegetables, followed by bread and other baked goods. This can certainly not be completely avoided, but it can be significantly reduced. What is important here is good shopping planning, proper storage and, finally, further processing.

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clean out - and then? the best tips, part 2

Minimalism is in vogue: many people are cleaning out their own homes and rethinking which things they really want to have around. But where to put all the things we no longer want? Much of it is far too good for the rubbish bin. In this article you will find tips on how to pass on furniture, toys/office supplies and food in a sensible way.

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Woman with old clothes

clean out - and then? the best tips for selling and disposing of your belongings

Cleaning out, living minimalistically, having your head free for the important things in life - that sounds dreamlike. Many people are currently sorting out more and more and checking what really matters in the home - and in life. But where to put all the things we no longer want? Into the residual waste bin? No way! For most items, there are much more sensible options.

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Woman holding vinegar cleaner

DIY: Vinegar cleaner with orange scent

A clean thing? German private households buy more than 1.3 million tonnes of detergents and cleaning agents every year; many of them pollute the environment, for example with preservatives, silicones, fragrances or dyes. A good alternative is cleaning with vinegar essence. Thanks to oranges, the smell is also very pleasant.

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Green electricity - green from the socket

switching to green electricity: little effort, big effect

There are not many things that require so little effort and yet have a big impact: Switching to green electricity is quick and easy - and can really make a difference!

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