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Category: Family

As a student, it may be relatively easy to furnish your flat-share room in a minimalist and sustainable way and to pay attention to zero waste. But when there are three or four of us, needs can sometimes collide: Do we really need another toy? Where do we get all the clothes that Mini will have outgrown after 8 weeks? Are there sustainable baby walkers, baby slings, prams?

This is about family issues:

Yellow Easter napkins

sustainable easter - 4 tips for the family celebration

Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner. If you want to celebrate sustainably, you can do so easily with these 4 tips.

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Book launch Jane Goodall

children's book launch: jane goodall

How can you teach children about sustainability? The most important thing is to lead by example - and to read to them. There are now many children's books that deal with various aspects of the topic. Today we are talking about: Jane Goodall.

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Baby with jacket

sustainable initial equipment for babies - 5 tips

Congratulations, you're having a baby! Now the question is, what does the new person need - and how sustainable are all the things we can buy?

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Little girl harvests carrots

vegan nutrition for children

People who live vegan themselves usually also want to feed their own children vegan food. And yes, that is possible. But how?

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Baby with cuddly toy

sustainable toys for babies

Babies want to learn. Even the very youngest take in what is happening around them all the time. At the latest when they can grasp and become a little more mobile, they need hazard-free objects to look at, touch and taste - that's what toys were invented for. In the jungle of possibilities, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish: What does my child need? What is made of safe material? Which purchase makes sense?

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Stack of oatmeal biscuits

recipe: sugar-free oatmeal biscuits

Okay, the word "oatmeal" might sound a bit crumbly - but these biscuits are not, I promise! They are sugar-free, but rich in protein and flavour! And they're quick to make too - so they're ideal for a quick I'd-love-something-sweet-for-coffee snack, or when you have visitors with a baby; because they're sugar-free, they're suitable for even the youngest children.

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