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Category: Nutrition

How we eat is not just habit or personal taste. It is shaped by our family, the culture we live in and the things we believe in. And: it has a big influence on our environment.

Living sustainably also means thinking outside the box: Where does my food come from? How is it produced? How is it packaged? And what happens to what is left over?

Here you can find the blog articles that deal with the topic of sustainability on the plate.

Vegan chickpea curry

recipe: the fastest curry in the world

Vegan can be so simple: a quick curry with tomatoes and chickpeas often does the trick. It fills you up, is healthy and no dinner can be ready faster.

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Coffee maker with coffee cup

5 tips for sustainable coffee consumption

8 hours in the office without coffee? Hardly imaginable for many. The hot drink tastes good, wakes you up and is even said to have health benefits. However, if you don't want your own consumption to be at the expense of your fellow human beings and the environment, you should take the following five tips to heart.

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Coffee cup with coffee beans

Is coffee sustainable and fair?

From a rare pleasure drink to a staple food: for many people, it is impossible to imagine everyday life without good morning coffee. While our consumption is increasing every year, coffee farmers are earning less and less from it. Why is that?

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Legumes - lentils and beans

Proteins in the vegan diet

It is THE classic question par excellence that - at least according to the cliché - all vegans are asked first: And where do you get your protein from? Studies show that the supply of protein is not a problem even with a purely plant-based diet. Nevertheless, there are of course a few things you should know: Then it is child's play to cover your needs.

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Little girl harvests carrots

vegan nutrition for children

People who live vegan themselves usually also want to feed their own children vegan food. And yes, that is possible. But how?

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Yeast plait at the table

Recipe: vegan yeast plait

Here in southern Germany, the yeast plait is regularly on the table, and not just at Easter. No wonder, because it is quick and easy to make, tastes delicious and looks good at the same time. This vegan version does without milk and egg and is at least as good as the original.

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Shopping trolley in the organic market

the first vegan shopping - 9 tips for the supermarket

The time has come: You want to buy only plant-based products (from) today? Great! But how and where do you start now? Isn't that really complicated? Not with these 9 tips for your first vegan shopping trip!

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The chickpea in conversation

"the chickpea" in conversation: tips for a vegan life

Anyone who lives vegan and lives in Stuttgart knows the Kichererbse: on only 34 square metres, the purely vegan shop offers everything you need for a plant-based diet. In part 2 of the interview, founders Nora Hoffrichter and Helga Fink talk about how the switch to a vegan diet can succeed, what is still missing in the Stuttgart scene and what it takes to become a vegan founder yourself.

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The chickpea in conversation

"the chickpea" in conversation - stuttgart's vegan retail trade

Anyone who lives vegan and lives in Stuttgart knows the Kichererbse: on only 34 square metres, the purely vegan shop offers everything you need for a plant-based diet - and a lot more besides. The two founders Nora Hoffrichter and Helga Fink make sure that nothing is missing, are happy to give advice and have many extras to make sure that everyone wants to come back: the delivery service helps out when you can't come by yourself, and the Advent calendar is a highlight of the year.

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Man holding crate of vegetables from field

shop seasonally and protect the climate

Fresh strawberries, juicy tomatoes - the supermarket tempts us with our favourite fruits and vegetables all year round. We usually buy what we feel like and often forget that our food is only in season at certain times. What impact does this have on our climate?

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regional food - from afar?

Short transport routes are good for the environment, so regional products sell better than the competition. Yet it remains open what exactly "regional" or "from home" actually means: my city, my district, my state? In fact, many of these foods come from completely different corners of Germany. Here you can find out how regionality is suggested and how you can actually buy sustainably and locally.

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Apples on the tree

why buy organic? 5 answers to the eco-label

Organic food is becoming more and more popular: sales have doubled in the last 10 years, reaching almost 12 billion euros in 2019. Most people buy organic primarily to support species-appropriate animal husbandry and to promote regional products. Health reasons also often play a role. Can organic farming actually keep these promises? Find out here what the seal stands for and why organic products are really better.

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